Learning Design

I’ve been creating learning design artifacts since 2008 when I created a quality assurance checklist for call center agents doing political fundraising.  My first eLearning project was created in Moodle at Amazon.com for Amazon Santa.  I’m not kidding!  Here are some examples of learning design:

Print materials

A snippet of a learning guide I created for other Learning Management System users (I was the LMS Administrator for CETE from 2015-2017).
Storyboards and eLearning

One of my favorite things to do as a learning designer is to create a storyboard. Here is a draft of the storyboard for Multiple-Choice Mayhem, a game that I did the curriculum development and about 80% of the eLearning production. I love this project so much because it shows the power of collaboration. My co-worker, Sean Hickey added some pizzazz to it to create the final product. MCM CAN V2

The instructional problem was that many career-technical educators are not formally trained in assessment. While CETE creates instructional documents such as an assessment best practice guide, many educators needed additional support. One day, I had the idea to present the best practices in a poorly written exam. I struggled with the content area to write a test on and one evening when I came home, I saw a re-run of Ripley’s Believe it or Not and I knew my content area!

Select the image to play Multiple-Choice Mayhem. Please note, MCM works best with audio but it also has toggled closed captioning.


Here is a course I made in Articulate Rise after researching some information about accessibility online.  Select the picture to check it out.


I decided to share my secret to social media management: If This, Then That.  Here is a screencast tutorial to get people set up.


I also love experimenting with technology and figured out how to make a cinemagraph in Powerpoint. Here is another screencast.

I also decided to screen record my desktop while building in Articulate Storyline. Here’s how I put together a simple interaction.