Facilitation and Instructor-Led Training

I have been an instructor-led trainer since 2008 for multiple organizations including:

    • AFLAC
    • Infocision Management Corporation
    • Amazon.com
    • Region 2 Workforce West Virginia Development Board
    • The Ohio State University

The topics I’ve trained on includes call center quality assurance, technical support for products such as the Amazon Kindle, life skills such as employability skills, computer skills for adults, and assessment best practices.
carawibOne of my favorite training topics was life skills and professionalism during my time at the Region 2 Workforce West Virginia Development Board. I grew up in Appalachia (Eastern Kentucky) and I’m passionate about helping others from this community find employment and move up and out of poverty. In my tenure as an Instructor, I taught around 1,000 adults who were placed in my class to fulfill requirements to receive public assistance (Medicaid and HUD benefits). The population were primarily parents and most of them lived at or below the poverty line. In 2012, I created a curriculum series called Wayne T. Graham. This series was created because I noticed the adults writing skills and ability to articulate their employability skills were weak. Instead of correcting their resumes, I found it easier to show them examples of what NOT to do. I created a fake job description for an instructor position and created the persona of Wayne T. Graham, a physical education teacher in Charleston, WV that wanted to work with adults. Graham’s cover letter and resume had many mistakes including grammar and professionalism. The students loved it so much, I asked for help from a friend of mine to come in and play the part of Wayne T. Graham. The class got to sit in on his interview and ask him questions. He interviewed with boots up on the desk, a graphic t-shirt with a tie, and a backwards hat.
To see a portion of the interview check out the video. Please note this is not the best audio/video quality. It was filmed with a first-generation iPad!

It was such a hit, I did it again with another cohort of students. I had to get a new actor because the original Wayne T. moved away. IMG_0784

Job and Task Analysis

In 2015, I received a certificate in DACUM job analysis and task analysis. As part of my job at The Ohio State University’s Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE), I’ve been able to train others in job and task analysis and consult with companies to facilitate them too. In this capacity, I’ve trained and/or consulted for several organizations including:

  • NASA
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Cornell University
  • Houston Community College

I’ve also successfully completed other job analysis models. In 2017, I was part of a group that conducted a fully online job analysis for the Association of Transcribers & Speech-to-text Providers  Completing this project helped me become a champion for using virtual technologies to provide more savings to the client and to innovate the efforts of CETE.

As of the last page update, ATSP shared the job analysis on their website. Select the image to see the report.

Item Writing Facilitation

I’ve facilitated item writing workshops since 2015 and have been lead item writing facilitator since 2017. As an item writing facilitator, I lead a group of subject matter experts (SMEs) to write test questions for either certification exams or end-of-course exams for Ohio’s Career Technical Education courses.  In my facilitation, I strike a balance between a collaborative environment while maintaining strict test security protocols.  As a lead facilitator, I oversee the whole process include workshop management, facilitator training, and quality assurance large group reviews.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Since 2017, I’ve been a mentor for Dr Ray Jimenez’s online courses offered through his company Vignettes Learning.


I’ve been a part of several of his virtual instructor-led training courses including:




As a mentor, I provide feedback on assignments of the participants.  Dr Jimenez is a mentor of mine and I appreciate all his guidance and support.

Professional Development

While having the confidence to speak in front of others has never been a fear I needed to conquer, I have had speech difficulties including trouble with letter pronunciations and a slight stutter. In 2017, I joined Toastmasters International to improve my public speaking. By being a part of this organization, it has helped me become a better speaker and interpersonal communicator. I’m committed to growing as a speaker and Toastmaster’s approach to evaluation has helped me to the point that a former supervisor commented on the change she could tell during my speaking. I’ve served as Vice President of Public Relations for the City of Columbus Toastmasters. Also, I wanted others at The Ohio State University to have access to this opportunity so I founded Toastmasters International at The Ohio State University in 2018 for students, staff, and faculty.