ID 6 Week Challenge

Wait, what is this?

Have you ever thought about trying a new instructional design tool or do you want to get more comfortable with building?  If you’ve ever thought about building something and failed to commit, this challenge is for you.  Stop the excuses!  Jump onboard Cara’s Instructional Design 6 Week Challenge!

But I don’t have anything to share

Sure you do! I know you’ve said to yourself at least ONCE this year, “I’d really like to try to build ________ when I have time!” There is no better time than the present!  If you are still looking for inspiration, check out these resources:

Articulate eLearning Heroes Challenges

Kristin Anthony’s Go Design Something

How is this going to work?


  1. Build something! It can be in any medium (eLearning, video, storyboard) and can be in any state (complete, prototype, snippet)
  2. Share it!  Via Twitter use .  No Twitter, no problem! Share a link to your work in the challenge’s Google doc.  You will receive access to the Google doc after the challenge goes live!
  3. Provide feedback.  No trolls allowed though.  There are plenty other challenges you’d be better suited for.  Provide feedback on the design and ask questions.  You might LEARN something!
  4. Rinse and repeat

But I’m a commitaphobe

No worries, if you can’t stick with us for 6 weeks it is fine.  Share when you can and to the level that you are comfortable.  This may be the first time you’ve shared your work and you are scared of the reactions.  When I say no trolls, I mean it.  This is a safe environment for you to experiment and sandbox until your heart is content.  This is a great way to share your creativity with fellow IDs.  It’s also a great way to ask for feedback on something you’ve been stuck with.  Let this challenge be a brain trust for you!

Why are you leading this?

I just wrapped up a stressful semester and I now have some free time on my hands.  I’ve put off building some things I’ve wanted to do all year so I thought others may be interested.  I can’t explain how my brain works, this idea came to me today.  Also as a Ph.D. student, my research interests are in social media and learning networks so this feeds my academic curiosities too 🙂

How do I get started?

The challenge officially opens up on April 30. Share what you build and provide feedback on what others have shared.  That’s it!

I’m a ________ and I want to know if I’m eligible to participate

Great news.  If you are reading this and you promise to not be a jerk you are eligible.

Ready to sign up?  You will receive 2 emails a week throughout the challenge.

  1. To notify you of the new week
  2. To recap the previous week’s work

I’m excited you want to take part in this learning journey with me 🙂